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Ashleigh Rausch, PA-C

Hi, friends! I’m Ashleigh, the co-founder of Align Integrative Wellness. I’m a momma, wife, Habits and Mindset Coach, Zumba Instructor and Women’s Health Physician Assistant. I grew up in Central NY and moved to Rochester for PA school at RIT.
After my little guy was born, I started exploring natural health and wellness tricks to survive being a new mama and working full time as a PA and I was hooked! I love teaching and guiding other women to live their best life. I am so excited to be able to share all of my knowledge with you.
Thanks for hanging out with us!

Marlee LiButti, RN,

Hi, I’m Marlee! I am a co-founder of Align Integrative Wellness. I have been a registered nurse for 12 years in a variety of specialties and settings, the last six years in women's health. I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years. I have spent the last few years looking to combine my two worlds; nursing and yoga. I am now a certified Yoga Therapist through Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health coach.
I am thrilled to be on this journey with Ashleigh and all of you. My hope is that we can spread joy daily! Thank you for being here!

Services and Programs

The Align Integrative Wellness Center

Location: 2nd Floor at Farm House Fabulous
Address: 765 County Line Road Webster, NY
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Health Coaching Programs

Health Coaching and Mindfulness ProgramTwo- 30 Minute One on One Health Coaching Sessions per monthTwo-20 minute Mindfulness
Sessions with Marlee
Online Wellness Content and Topics: Meditation, Mindfulness Practice, Goal Setting, Nutrition Support, Sleep and Stress Management
Resource Library:
Yoga and Meditation
Strength and HIIT Workout
Monthly Book Club
Motivation, Accountability and Align Community Member Support
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Therapeutic Yoga Therapy

Marlee will be leading series of therapeutic yoga classes both in-person and Zoom.Check out the link for details and sign up!

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Testimonials from our Members:

"I had a wonderful experience taking this course with Ashleigh & Marlee. Wellness is inclusive of so many areas of life—I loved that this course covered a wide spectrum of topics. The learning modules helped me to focus on a particular area of wellness, while building on the habits established in previous weeks. I would highly recommend these services to others, especially those looking to find balance in their overall life, wellness and happiness!""I was fortunate enough to be a part of the first eating for wellness group that Align Integrative Wellness offered! I loved that everyday we had a new topic to discuss about wellness and how we could apply it to our daily lives. The tools provided helped get me on the right track to improving my relationship with food and overall feeling better. Today I still look back at the educational material and apply it to my daily routine! I can’t say enough great things about Ashleigh - she provided me with so many helpful resources, answered all of my questions and checked in daily to motivate me! I have never felt better and could not have done it without Ashleigh’s support! If you’re looking for help with your overall health and wellness I would highly recommend Align integrative Wellness!""I love this course. It made me very aware of staying connected and centered. I admit I have faltered a bit. But love the opportunity afforded to me by the group.""Working with Ashleigh was an absolute joy. There truly are few people so passionate about what they do. Through my whole journey I felt empowered and happy, a lot of which I can contribute to Ashleigh’s constant support and encouragement. Through an incredible balance, she held me accountable yet never made me feel discouraged at any short comings I had. I highly recommend anyone looking to leap in to a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle do so with Align Integrative Wellness."" I joined this program with a few straightforward goals for my health: better nutrition, better sleep, decreased stress. These targets could easily be reached with the help of nearly any wellness coach on the market. But in working with Ashlee and Marlee, I not only exceeded these goals, I uncovered deeper, far more meaningful ones. These coaches encourage you to dig to the root of what matters. And that is a life-changing gift. My one-on-one sessions with Ashleigh were therapeutic chats that felt like talking with both a wise expert and a loving friend all at once. Every time I set a goal for myself- be it long or short term- she prompted me to plan specific steps for getting there. Each step was well-defined and manageable so that I felt motivated rather than overwhelmed. And through this system I improved my daily eating habits in small but impactful ways, developed a solid bedtime routine, and made space for self-care in my schedule. But most importantly, our sessions revealed an understanding of WHY these goals are important to me. And I truly believe that “why” was the key to their fulfillment. In between chats with Ashleigh, I met with Marlee for some unbelievably powerful yoga sessions. She was my first introduction to the practice of yoga and I could not imagine anyone better to guide me, uplift me, and inspire me. She makes yoga accessible which is crucial for someone like me who struggles with balance and flexibility. Through the use of props and plenty of patience from Marlee, I learned poses that I still practice regularly. Incorporating these poses in my everyday life provides me a constructive tool for managing stress, anxiety, agitation- you name it. I feel in sync with my body and in turn, have developed a deeper appreciation for it. And if I’m honest, this is a feeling I never ever thought I’d experience. What I’ve gained from Align Integrative Wellness is immeasurable and hard to capture in words. But what I can say for sure is that I’m forever grateful for the work these ladies do. Their expertise combined with their passion for helping others delivers an exceptional experience. And I can’t wait to watch them change so many more lives! "

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